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PostSubject: MY ESSENCE........IKWON   Mon Jun 16, 2008 9:02 pm

My essence, transported through the loins of a captive
1655 retract the time makes this retroactive
Africa Diaspora life taking horror
Drama hit the sub Sahara like 100 stelf bombers
Snatched like Guy Ritchie lashed by the ring master
European circus merger like atoms murder pattern genocidal
Bible pages in cages soothe the wounds my platoon auctioned soon
Resist get hung like a cloak room
Packed in freighters stamp Jamaica rights waivered
Now property of perpetrators once they sign the papers
Hail my maker like mount Arafat
Reaffirm my pact bear witness stand like Robert Nesta
If I’m martyred then so be it
My future fam will my trial like OJ convey my ordeal like Bobby Seals
Instil tribes to rise like smoke
Go for glory like D washing Ton the coup is on

(taken from ‘More Fire’ by Dawud Hendy AKA Ikwon)
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